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Be loved and Do good works (III): Live out your beauty

Ephesians 1:16-19


When you look at yourself, do you think that God loves you?



(I)  God’s creation



(II) God's care

(A)  Gives us new birth



(B)  Raises us



(C)  Molds us



(III) God’s expectation




(IV) Our response (our life view)




ConclusionLet us surely know that God loves us so that we may not only know how to trust in Him, but also understand His will and grow up together in love to reveal God's grace and glory.



1.               From today's message, which point helps you realize you are good in

some areas in your life?

2. From today's message, which point helps you feel that God loves you?

3. Do you agree with the pastor's outlook on life? Why or why not?

4. What is your action plan for what you have heard today? (Be a wise man)

蒙愛與行善(三): 活出美好

以弗所書 1:16-19





(一)         神的創造



(二)         神的看顧

(A) 重生我們


(B) 養育我們


(C) 塑造我們



(三)         神的期望




(四)         我們的回應(人生觀)








1.     從今天的信息那方面幫助你認識到自己在某方面的好?

2.     從今天的信息那方面幫助你感受到神深愛你?

3.     你認同牧師給的人生觀嗎?為甚麼贊同或為甚麼不?

4.     聽了今天的信息讓你有何行動計劃?(作聰明人)