Vision and Mission

Vision: (A Family Revealing God’s Glory)
A spiritual family with Christ as head of the house, overflowing with God’s love and overcoming cultural and generational challenges. We live out the life of Emmanuel (God with us), which displays God’s grace and glory.

Mission: (LEAD to BUILD)
In God’s grace, based on biblical truth, using God’s way and under the power of Holy Spirit:

We love God and people, especially through serving and worshipping our Lord and helping the needy.

With mutual respect and appreciation, we bridge all generations to better understand and support each other and benefit from the richness of both languages and cultures.

Through prayer and outreach, we bring people to God. By having accountability for daily devotions and spiritual disciplines, we connect with Christ together.

We help each other to live out the abundant life to its full potential in ourselves through discipleship and Christian leadership training

Through building up individuals and families, we make disciples and establish a church which has unity in Christ and reveals His glory to our community and around the world.

 : ( 顯神榮耀的家)

使命 (帶領建造)

真愛 – 我們愛神愛人.尤其彰顯在敬拜,服事神及幫助有需要的人中。

豐富 – 我們互相尊敬和欣賞,跨接各代,從互相瞭解與支持中,得享從不同語言和文化的豐富。

連結 – 通過禱告與宣教,我們把人帶來信神。在彼此督促下忠心作每日靈修和屬靈操練,好使我們一起與基督連結。

栽培 – 藉著門訓與基督徒領袖訓練,我們互相幫助完全發揮潛能,活出神所賜豐盛的生命。

建造 – 經由建立個人和家庭,我們生門徒且建立在基督裡合一的教會,在我們的社區和全世界彰顯主的榮耀。