Rev. Ke-Chiang Albert Li has served as a pastor for over 25 years. Originally from Taiwan, he majored in Physics and came to the U.S. for a Masters in Computer Science. He worked for 12 years in NYC, becoming head of his company’s computer division, before responding to God’s calling into full-time ministry. He received his M.Div from Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, NY, and a Doctor degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. His doctorate program concentration was “Leadership and Ministry Management”, focusing on cross cultural leadership. He has a strong passion for helping families and churches overcome challenges caused by cultural differences and generation gaps. He and his wife Sandy are blessed with 3 children, Tammy (son-in-law Bernie and grandsons Connor & Ethan), Joshua and Caleb (daughter-in-law Gladys).

李克強牧師擔任牧師超過25年。他來自台灣,大學主修物理,後來赴美國獲得電腦碩士學位。他在紐約市工作了12年,成為公司電腦部門的負責人,然後回應了上帝全職事奉的呼召。他擁有紐約州Nyack的宣道會神學院的道學碩士學位,以及芝加哥三一福音派神學院的博士學位。博士是主修領導和管理,著重於跨文化領導。 他非常熱衷於幫助家庭和教會克服由於文化差異和代溝造成的挑戰和問題。他和他的妻子以珊蒙神的恩有3個孩子,Tammy(女婿Bernie, 外孫 Connor, Ethan),JoshuaCaleb (媳婦 Gladys)

Deacons 執事

Rui Hong – Children Ministry, Missions

Jingyan Wang – Finance, General affairs

Tammy Peng – English Ministry, Music